(Note: This is Bo Sanchez and I’d like to introduce to you to my friend Dr. Didoy Lubaton and Dr. Romy Parades (and their team of Healing Mentors). If you want to learn how to heal persistent health problems and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, join the 3-Day HEALING RETREAT 2017: “Live Healthy, Live Happy” this Sept 18-20 in Tagaytay. Read what Dr. Didoy has to say...)

Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?
Do You Want To Learn The Secrets Of Regaining Full Health And Happiness?

“Live Healthy, Live Happy”
Sept 18-20, 2017, Tagaytay

By Dr. Didoy Lubaton

Hello my name is Dr. Didoy Lubaton and I can help you to become healthy and happy. I invite you to take charge of your health now.

Haven’t you noticed?

We’ve got the most modern (and expensive) medicines in the world.

Yet millions of people are still sick.

Here’s my bet: You know lots of people who have the chronic diseases diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, allergies, and cancer.

Our most advanced drugs are simply controlling the symptoms, not really curing the disease.

It’s tragic. Everyday in my clinic, I meet sick people who are confused, afraid, and hopeless. Many have tried almost everything, spent all they had for countless treatments, but they’re disheartened, stressed out, and desperate.

Is there an answer?

Yes, there is

Going Back To Our Manufacturer

I have found out that being truly healthy is essentially simple.

We just have to listen to our bodies and go back to how we were created.

When my gadget gets “sick”, I bring it to the gadget center for repair.

When our bodies get sick, where do we go?

The best way to go is with the One who created you and me.

The healing ministry of Jesus made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the paralyzed walk. He stopped the woman’s hemorrhage without surgery. He drove away mental illness.

And I believe that the healing ministry that he started thousands of years ago has not stopped. We just ignored the ways of natural and supernatural healing. We forgot to tap on His unlimited resource for wholeness.

I believe that Jesus is in all of us. And God has given us the power to heal ourselves.

In our sickness, our bodies and our spirits are broken. But through Jesus, we could be made whole again. We can be fully alive.

The physical body can be strong and able, mentally sharp and emotionally resilient.

Imagine yourself in peak health, working with passion, blessing the world.

Imagine yourself, healthy and happy, celebrating life with your family.

Imagine yourself, living strong and reaching your dreams.

Imagine yourself taking more control of your health. Instead of temporary health treatments, you’re enjoying health transformation.

Is this possible?

A loud YES!

The Medical Dilemma

In the clinic, I saw how people are so stressed.

Many are in maintenance medications for years and I don’t see any improvement in their wellbeing. Diabetics are getting worse and hypertensive patients still have uncontrolled blood pressure levels despite multiple drug therapies. It got me wonder, “Maybe the maintenance drugs are maintaining the disease, not the body.”

There were people who have chronic back pain, and are on pain relievers for years, and despite many physical therapy sessions, there were still no permanent solutions to their pain.

I encountered people who are always tired, like zombies, living aimlessly and wasting their years away. Many are taking anti-depressants but they are still getting worse.

My heart resonated with these people.

There must be some

other way!

Finding Another Path To Healing

I explored the horizon for healing methods, learned from colleagues and mentors, read more books, attended seminars, and did my own research and applied them to my patients.

I dug deep to what is God’s calling for me as a doctor. I found out that the word ‘doctor’ comes from the Latin word 'docere' that literally means 'to teach'. William Osler, regarded as the Father of Modern Medicine says: “The first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.” He further states that “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

The doctor becomes a teacher, and the patient becomes a student and vice versa.

We learn from each other. The doctor-teacher goes through life-long learning with his patient-students.

When I searched for my purpose deep within me, when I looked for the true source of healing, I found the Divine Physician. The actuality is, Jesus found me.

I started to dedicate more time to my patients. First, I took out their labels: from being forever sick, to becoming overcomers. I began to counsel diabetics and hypertensive people on their stress levels.

I listened to them and we discovered that their problems were caused by an emotional response. Like stress eating due to overwork, or nape pain due to deep anger.

Here’s what I discovered: When we managed their stresses, we managed their disease.

We practiced breathing exercises and healing through prayer. They were able to take charge of their own health, successfully changing lifestyles and creating life-giving habits, and freely let go of worry and negativity.

When they were ready, we slowly took out their medicines one by one. True enough, many are not in the need of taking maintenance medicines anymore. They achieved control of their illness naturally.

More than that, their lives changed changed because they feel empowered now to take charge of their health.

I Believe That You Can Heal Yourself

My medical practice is evolving, together with my patients.

We are moving from pharmaceuticals to personal touch.

The consultation rooms are turning into conversation rooms.

We need more meaningful people not more pills.

We have the healer in all of us, and he has a name --- Jesus.

I personally invite you to take charge of your health and wellbeing with self-empowering healthcare today.

Live Healthy, Live Happy

Are you sick and tired of being sick?

Are you looking for a permanent resolution to your illness?

Do you want to know the roots of your diseases?

Do you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle?

Do you want to have experience health restoration and a brand new beginning?

It’s time that you take charge of your own health.

The healing starts with you.

I invite you to join the

Healing Retreat: Live Healthy, Live Happy.

This is not just an ordinary retreat.

In this healing retreat, you will be empowered to awaken the healer in you.

Here are the 7 things you will gain from this Healing Retreat:

  1. Rest and recharge your weary body and soul.
  2. Renew your mind, be in an atmosphere of flowing wisdom and knowledge from the speakers and congregation
  3. Understand the origin of disease, and how to prevent, control, and possibly reverse them
  4. Learn more about healthy nutrition, and the right food choices for healing and wellness.
  5. Rediscover the holistic and natural methods of healing, and discover new options and techniques to healthcare.
  6. Finding peace to self, realizing the purpose of illness, and how to do self-care.
  7. Experience the healing power of surrender, worship, and the sacraments

Give yourself the Gift of Pause

Retreat means we regroup from the battle and journey of life.

It doesn’t mean you are losing it, but continuing the battle scarred but stronger.

Retreat means to “treat”, as to “heal”.

You’ll experience healing in body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Retreat means to “treat”, as to give a reward.

Take a break from your usual hustle and bustle. Take time off and love yourself.

Being surrounded by nature will revitalize your wellbeing. Delicious and healthy food will be served. We believe in food as Mother Nature’s medicine. The air is fresh, and we’ll be away from the noise of the city. The closer we are to nature, the closer we are to the natural healing power of God. You’ll have time rest and to be silent; to rest your inner noise, and just listen to God’s voice speaking to your heart. We’ll plug in to the ultimate and true source of healing --- Jesus.

Be inspired and be empowered by our roster of health mentors:

Dr. Didoy LubatonThe Program Author

is a Doctor of Medicine and a Registered Nurse, graduating from University of Santo Tomas. He is the founder of Holistic Health Inc., a team of coaches focused on empowering people on the Wholeness concept of Health. He also devotes his time as a motivational speaker, doing corporate wellness programs and various seminars and retreats with organizations. He is also a worship leader and a music director of Feast Bay Area.

"Dr. Lubaton is the most empathic, sensitive and kind doctor I have. He cared for my health more than I ever did. He was also with me every step of the way and was just as concerned about my emotional and mental well-being during the recovery process. Constantly on a cheery mood, it was almost impossible to feel bad during a visit to his clinic."
– Isabel Gatuslao, Graphic Designer

"Doc Didoy exemplifies wellness in its simplest and most credible form. His personal, practical, and natural approaches to healthcare have not only brought me back to health, but taught me how to sustain such while valuing much more of what life can offer. Doc Didoy will show you health like never before."
– J Yogawin, MetaCoach, Feast Builder

"Having a consultation with Doc Didoy us not just your ordinary doctor’s appointment. He gives you doses of advice on the natural ways of wellness and a mega dose of hope in the One true source of healing—Jesus. We end our sessions with prayer that brings a cleansing feeling and it leads you to trust God’s healing grace. You go home feeling good and revived."
– Myrna Salanguit, Servant leader, mother of 2 young men

Dr. Romy ParedesThe Mentor

Dr. Romy Paredes learned his medical degree at the UP College of Medicine. He trained in Integrative medicine in Nevada, USA. He is also a clinical medical toxicologist. He is the founder of Wellnessland Health Institute, a leader in the field of natural and complementary health care and education based in Cebu. He also founded the Self Health Empowerment Movement Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes the New Health Care System, a system of self-health education and empowerment that brings back the glory of the divine design of human beings. He is the author Health Made Incredibly Simple and several other books.

See his testimonial videos here:

Edwin SorianoThe Coach

is the founder and head coach of Winning Coaching, which helps people create a better version of themselves through NLP Life Coaching. He has coached for various clients including CEOs, TV personalities, business owners, couples in rocky marriages, kids coping with bullying, and even religious leaders.

What they say about Edwin’s coaching:

"Admittedly, we continue to face difficulties but the coaching generally taught us that there are more options in life."
– Chris and Rachelle Leones, Married for 5 years

"Surreal. Immediately, I was able to feel freedom and lightness, which people around me noticed. "
– M.R., Educator

"Coaching helped me remember what truly made me happy, more fulfilled, by changing my perspective."
– Angela Oreta, Media Professional

"It felt like being okay was an attainable goal. I could say I was doing okay and really mean it."
– Joy Bordador, Marketing and communications professional

Michele Alignay The Counselor

is a Registered Psychologist and a Registered Guidance counselor. She is finishing her doctorate degree in Family Studies and holds a M.A. in Family Psychology and Education. She is a frequent resource speaker about relationships, parenting, media management, and family life. Through her work, writings, and talks, she hopes to inspire others to live with more meaning and inspiration in their lives.

"Michele has the unique ability to share her extensive experience and knowledge with a nurturing and encouraging approach to self-care and family wellness. With her expertise on individual counseling for modern day issues such as (relationship stress, self esteem, etc.), she is able to marry practical and scientific approaches to improving individual and family issues by promoting a holistic view towards wellness and overall wellbeing."
– Maricar Holopeinen, Founding Teacher, Urban Ashram Manila – Center for Yoga

Other speakers and sharers are part of the health team too:

Dr. Paolo Tongson a medical doctor who practices Holistic medicine
Founder of Wellnessland Manila
Chichi Barba an expert on traditional and natural healing methods
Author of Eat Well, Get Well
Rezza Soriano and Ning Tadena dedicated Life Coaches who uses the New Code of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Fr. Alex BalatbatWe'll dive in the healing presence of God through the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation to be presided by our resident priest Rev. Fr. Alex Balatbat.

In this retreat, we’ll go for more permanent solutions to your health problems.

We’ll treat the root of our disease.

Knowledge that you could apply daily and eventually leads you to a life of great health, wealth, and happiness.

If you calculate how much you’ll learn from this healing retreat—including how much you’ll save from the cost of maintenance medicines, saving you from the need for unnecessary medical procedures, avoiding the loss of productivity, regaining the knowledge and the skill to heal yourself, and self-health empowerment—the figure will run in the MILLIONS. So we could charge a fortune for this learning event.

But our goal is to help people to live a healthy life.

So your learning investment for the Healing Retreat: Live Healthy, Live Happy

is P19,975 ONLY. (That’s a huge bargain!)

But if you sign up TODAY,

you get it at the Early Bird Discounted Price of P14,975 ONLY.

To convince you to join together, we’re giving you these books for FREE:

PLUS, you have access to private coaching sessions with our health team in between the sessions during the 3-day retreat. Our health coaches are generous to share their time and talent for you.


Venue: Angels Hills Retreat Center Tagaytay City (near the Pink Sisters Convent)

Fee Inclusions: Twin sharing accommodation, 3 meals & 2 snacks per day, one-on-one consultations, retreat guide kit, car parking for 3 days.

One (1) book for FREE upon arrival at the retreat center: (choose one)


For any questions, email Meann at beaconlightevents+seminar@gmail.com or call Aps at +639178533693.